Mystery Raw Single

Mystery Raw Single

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Due to popular demand, Spellcaster Dice is releasing a small number of mystery singles! these sets are one-off designs, and will not be recreated. they could include opal flake, dirty pours, petris, cloudscapes, colour shifts, inclusion dice, and much more! They can be rounded or sharp :)

the dice will not be pips - they will be d20s, oversized d20s, or main polyset pieces (d12, d%, d10, d8, d6, d4.)

We tend to stock an excess of d20s and d6s for you guys as they make good singles but we always have a mix of things! If you are looking especially for a particular kind of colour or shape, you can leave us a note on your order but we cannot guarantee we can fulfil all requests :)

What will you get?

Pcs: a mystery!

Style: who knows? ;)

Finish: raw (ready to roll - my molds need very minimal finishing.)

Edge: Sharp or Rounded!



You are buying a handmade product; whilst I do my very best to make them as nice as possible, I am not a machine, and I cast my dice using an analogue process. The dice may have small surface marks or a few tiny micro bubbles, especially those with larger inclusions. I will not sent out any dice that I wouldn’t be happy to receive myself, and my standards are high, but I do need to make sure that you’re aware that it’s a little usable art piece, not an injection moulded mass-produced thing! Large inclusions can also throw off the weight of the dice, but I do everything in my power to ensure a fair roll. (They’re not casino grade, but they’re perfectly fine for dnd!)

For sets that are available raw, care has been taken to preemptively do any patchwork needed so that each dice will mainly need to be finished on just one face. this may take the form of small clear bumps or deformities, but these are applied in a way that will allow the face to be sanded down flush.