Why are handmade dice so expensive?

My handmade dice are all make in custom-made exclusive Spellcaster moulds, and are designed, poured, sanded, polished and inked by hand. This takes hours of skilled labour and years to learn, and my prices assure that I am paid a living wage for my work. Handmade dice are a luxury item and each an individual piece of usable art, and I hold my work to a very high standard. My prices reflect this.


What does raw mean?

Raw is a term used by dicemakers to indicate that dice has just been pulled from the mould and is not yet sanded, polished or inked. Due to the way that Spellcaster moulds are made, our raw dice are still playable and have a high shine right out of the molds, although they will need to be inked and may have a small lip around the cap face.


How do I get dice from you?

As a small artist producing dice by hand, our process is slow and labour intensive. We offer shop drops and sales around once every two-three months, with smaller sales and grid sales/flash sales interspersed. The best way to keep up to date with the next drop is by following me on instagram and keeping an eye on my stories!


Are handmade dice balanced?

Handmade dice are more balanced than the vast majority of factory produced ones, including companies like crystal caste and Chessex. My dice are cast under pressure to reduce bubbles and are each manually inspected and finished to a high standard. Please note that large non-resin inclusions can throw off the weight of the dice, but I do everything in my power to ensure a fair roll. (They’re not casino grade, but they’re perfectly fine for dnd!)


Where are you based?

I am based in London, UK.


Do you take commissions?

I take commissions on a bit of an ad-hoc basis. I find that I work best when I’m excited about an idea, and so I keep a waitlist open and will often reach out to the people at the top to work on their orders. If a design lower down the list sounds extra exciting, I might do that one in advance too. It depends on the design but if you have a time limit on something or would like to rush order a custom, drop me an email or a dm on instagram and I’ll see what I can do for you. In the future, commissions may become patreon-only.

Whats the turnaround on custom pieces?

Turnaround time on custom pieces is approximately 2-3 months, depending on how busy the shop is and the complexity of the design. If you buy a custom slot from the shop, please reach out on Instagram or via email and we will begin the process of your design, at which point I will be able to give a more accurate timeline. 

Can I have custom numbers/text?

In a short answer: most of the time, no. This is theoretically possible, but the process is much more costly and time-intensive than using the style of dice I already have. This level of customisation requires producing a custom 3d design file, printing masters, post curing, having the masters sanded and polished, then molds made of them, and then the custom molds used to pour resin dice, and then sanding, polishing and inking those dice.You would be responsible for the costs of the time and effort it would take for all of these steps. It's a service we've offered in the past,  but it is something that takes weeks or even months of coordination and could be prohibitively expensive to some. For this reason, fully custom fonts and masters are taken on a case-by-case basis only. If you are still interested, please dm me on instagram or email me at spellcasterdice@gmail.com.


What is your shipping policy?

Spellcaster Dice ships worldwide. Value will be declared on the parcels. Customs charges are the responsibility of the recipient. We always provide proof of postage, and all of our international orders are currently tracked. We do not assume responsibility for packages once they are posted. In the unlikely event of a missing package, I will gladly help with submitting claims but am unable to provide refunds at this time for the time and effort I put into all of my pieces.