Mini Micron Polishing Pack

Mini Micron Polishing Pack

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The perfect polishing kit for finishing up a raw set of dice! These top of the range polishing papers will take a set of dice up to a perfect mirror shine, and can be used wet or dry to avoid dust! they wash easily, are soft and easy to use, and come neatly packaged in a portable pack to be used again and again!


  • White - 1 Micron / 8,000 grit
  • Teal - 2 Micron / 6,000 grit
  • Pink - 3 Micron / 4,000 grit
  • Blue - 9 Micron / 1,200 grit
  • Grey - 15 Micron / 600 grit
  • Green - 30 Micron / 400 grit

There are many tutorials available online on how to polish using these. I personally highly recommend the following guide by Jess at @Void_dweller_dice: 

My inbox is also always open if any advice is needed!